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Cooking Course at Villa Don Michele with Emilia Esposito Palermo


For the guests of Villa Don Michele, on request, the possibility to enjoy lunches and dinners prepared with great care by Mrs. Emilia, an expert in Cilento cuisine and dishes prepared with typical products of the Mediterranean diet. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. The price is 10 euro per person (plus the cost of ingredients).
Also at Villa Don Michele Mrs. Emilia organizes cooking courses Cilento for adults and children who can also take part in "hands-on", a particular course where it is expected the use of ancient grains and flours "yeast". The share of participation in the courses is 20 euro per person.

Cecilia Allen Dallas Beautycian


Performing beauty treatments in the villa:

Manicure, pedicure aesthetic, Purges with wax,

Make-up, facial masks.


Sirenae Essenze - Capaccio

The olfactory laboratory will receive the guests with an aperitif. Then you start with Dr. Trevisant that will prepare them for the olfactory memory, and the builder nose will begin to feel the fragrances that best resemble the life path. Will rise to the construction of a fragrance. Finished the course, whether it will be time for lunch will taste the products of the Cilento, fresh bread baked in a wood, local mozzarella, tomatoes. If they prepare the evening a cold coffee with local products.
Info 334.9928569

For customers of Villa Don Michael the fare is € 80 per person including videos and panoramic photos (full HD camcorder). The flight takes place in Capaccio - Paestum, precisely at the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Granato. You do not need any special physical preparation, they can fly all. The flight takes about 20/30 minutes. It is best to book at least two days before the agreed date. Prepare a micro SD of at least 2 GB to transfer videos and photos. Hours: between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM between 14:30 and 17:30. Ps: the times may change due to weather conditions. Available every day of the week.
Carlo Raito is a qualified pilot sport and enabled to carry passengers paragliding tel. 334.5357931

Tours & Excursions Masaniello Tourist


10% discount for guests of Villa Don Michele

Boat trips, excursions, guided food and wine trails.

Tel. 335.5929643


 Astore Viaggi
- Trasfert service to and from the airports of Rome and Naples
- Excursions Cilento and surrounding areas
Packages for daily routes from Villa Don Michele to the beach or evening rides to the historic center or discos.
10% discount for guests of Villa Don Michele
For info contact:
Ilaria 377.4134495 - 393.4049753 Carmine


Ristorante Pizzeria – Bella Vista - Ogliastro Cilento

10% discount for guests of Villa Don Michele
Via dei Mille 20, Location San Rocco - Ogliastro Cilento (SA)
800 meters from Villa Don Michele, panorama and guaranteed quality!

For Info and reservation: 0974.273243
  otherwise 333.5667278 349.0617148

Ristorante – Divino - Castellabate

10% discount for guests of Villa Don Michele
Piazzetta 10 Ottobre, 84048 - Castellabate (SA)



Ristorante – Taralluzzi e Vino - Prignano Cilento

For the guests of Villa Don Michele special price first, second and drink choice € 12 each.

Via Armando Diaz, 73
84060 - Prignano Cilento (SA)


Lido le Fate - Marina di Camerota

For the guests of Villa Don Michele June and September discount 20%

July discount 15% August 10% discount on rental of umbrellas and lounge chairs.

Cala del Cefalo - Litorale Mingardo
Tel. 342.0742985

Nevada Park – - Paestum

For every change of € 5 will receive 24 chips instead of 10.
Bunker tour "Avalanche" - Discount 20%

Tel. 0828.721221
Cell. 335.6609410

Il Pirata - Palinuro

Loc. Piè di Molpa - 84051, Palinuro

Tel. 0974.938365

Discounts for the customers of Villa Don Michele!


Balloon Flights over Paestum

10% discounts for the customers of Villa Don Michele!

Info 333.5601504

KAMARES Clothing - Agropoli

Via Filippo Patella, 9

"isola pedonale Corso principale"

20% discount for guests of Villa.

Ristorante La Brace - Agropoli

Via Alcide de Gasperi, 60 - 84043 - Agropoli

Tel. 0974.821605


1 first plate, 1 second plate, 1 drink
10 € per person



10% discounts for Villa Don Michele customers

Tel. 338.8666875


Via Lungomare San Marco-Agropoli

Tel. 0974.838034 - 3454.863846 
Fax. 0974.825939


Tel. 0974.823643 - 329.8789841

Via lungomare S.Marco - Agropoli


The Villa

Villa of 300 square meters where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Golfo di Salerno, the Costiera Amalfitana and the island of Capri. It's located on a hill 360 m above the sea level. Is 300 m from the town of Ogliastro Cilento...
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