In the town of Vatolla, fraction of Perdifumo, Castello De Vargas is one of the Giambattista Vico Foundation offices who founded a rich library with about 15,000 volumes, including Cilento local stories and Vichiano Museum linked to the figure of the philosopher.
The building, which is a UNESCO-protected hosted the philosopher for about nine years, from 1686 to 1695 and in its interior there are preserved numerous documents regarding his thoughts.

The historical center of Perdifumo has a number of architectural elements of great importance. Among these are many noble buildings featuring carved stone portals. Also visit the Convent of Santa Maria della Pietà, founded in 1619. Of great interest is the old chapel site of an ancient library.

The Villa

Villa of 300 square meters where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Golfo di Salerno, the Costiera Amalfitana and the island of Capri. It's located on a hill 360 m above the sea level. Is 300 m from the town of Ogliastro Cilento...
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