Ogliastro Cilento

And 'it situated on a hill, overlooking the plains of Paestum.
It enjoys a view that embraces the entire Gulf of Salerno, the Monte Stella, the Vesole, having such a wide horizon, the view sweeps 360 degrees from the mountains to the sea.
Its name "Oleastrum" I unequivocally binds to gold of Cilento, the extra virgin olive oil, shiny yellow, light, intense flavor, and still great economic engine of the area.
The olive tree, symbol of peace, in the harvest periods and color dominates the entire hill and defends the country gathering all around and doing background to the palaces of the old town, to the chapels, shrines dedicated to Our Lady, to the convent, to Mother Church and the many mills including one of the '600.

Ogliastro is also characterized by its mild climate, the typical products (the white fig of Cilento, oil, wine and dairy products) that frame the Mediterranean diet, for calm and for its strategic location, from which you can reach in a few minutes the most important road links and the major tourist areas of the territory. To reach the sea there is only 5 Km.

The Villa

Villa of 300 square meters where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Golfo di Salerno, the Costiera Amalfitana and the island of Capri. It's located on a hill 360 m above the sea level. Is 300 m from the town of Ogliastro Cilento...
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